Who are we?

For 40 years we have lived in close contact with the major Italian industrial production companies.

We propose with success, high quality and safety products.

We have identified the need, on the part of our cleinti workers, for greater ergonomics, health and safety in the workplace.

By exploiting the experience gained over all these years, we have therefore undertaken the introduction on the market of a line of professional chairs, chairs and stools suitable for professional and industrial use.

Considering that we spend a large part of our day sitting, it is of fundamental importance for our health to maintain an adequate and correct posture in the workplace. 

A little bit of statistics

In the course of our working life, we sit at our workplace for about 80,000 hours on average. 

An incorrect posture at the workplace results in damage to the health of the operator. 

The posture shown in the example picture, which is very common, can lead to headaches, muscle tension, back pain, hernia and lumbar pain, vascular disorders or leg cramps. 

Illnesses attributable to poor posture in the workplace account for about 32% of the reasons for absences from work due to illness.

It is therefore essential for the health of the worker to reduce the related stress by providing operators with adequate and ergonomic seating. 

This simple and inexpensive device will allow the operator to maintain his health, but also an increase in productivity, reducing the minutes of break or work interruption.

Whatever your activity, electronic laboratory, medical laboratory, dental laboratory, dental laboratory, chemical laboratory, biological laboratory, research laboratory, mechanical workshop, turnery, automotive industry, clean room, pharmaceutical industry, control room, control tower, point of sale, bar or who knows what else, here you can surely find the chair or stool most suitable for your business.

The BIMOS line

The whole BIMOS line has been particularly studied and dedicated to work in the professional and industrial sector. 

BIMOS chairs also comply with the guidelines of the SA8000 regulation for the health and safety of workers and reduce potential risks. 

Also for the BIMOS family, from design to production of the single parts, the production cycle is internal and takes place entirely at the Messstetten factory in Germany. 

The careful care in the choice, selection and matching of materials, as well as the very long experience, ensure that the BIMOS product responds in the absolute best way to the most stringent regulations also in respect of the environment. 

The production of BIMOS chairs includes a wide choice of different models, seats suitable for every need, use and industrial application. 

You can switch from workshop chairs to operational stools, chairs and stools for pharmaceutical production or for medical and dental laboratories, from chairs for clean rooms to ESD chairs for electronics, etc..

Each product line has been developed according to the type of work to be carried out by the operator and according to the average time for which the chair must always be used by the same operator. 

Interchangeable seats and backrests allow an easy and quick maintenance of the chair. Chairs specially designed also for particular people, people with above average weights that hold up to 180Kg. of person weight.


Products certified according to DIN68877 for the safety and health of workers' seats. 

Products certified according to EMAS for ecological compatibility 

Products certified according to EN1335-1-2-3 standards that regulate working conditions and the protection of people working in the office, both in terms of safety and health of the worker, providing that the "work chairs" are produced according to ergonomic principles and comply with precise functional tests. 

Products certified to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for clean rooms in Class 3, as well as Class 1 for the US Federal Standard 209E and all EU GMP guidelines. 

Products that respond pineally to ESD EN6134-5-1

In addition

Interstuhl also has an advanced in-house research and development laboratory, which is also accredited to carry out all the current tests required by Euriopean regulations for chairs.

Download the catalogue of chairs and bimos products for industry, in pdf format (about 13 Mb).