• All-In-One

    The all-inclusive seating solution The bimos All-In-One closes the gap between office chair and workplace chair. This versatile new seating solution offers all the ergonomic features you would expect in a good office chair. The concept of all-inclusive ergonomics ensures that All-in-One suits every single person and every single workplace situation, without having to make any compromise at all. Thanks to its solid construction and tough materials, All-In-One fulfils the demands of a great many workplaces in industry, healthcare, research and development. The All-In-One has been deliberately designed as a versatile all-rounder rather than a specialist. So it is perfect for use in places wherever people want to sit comfortably in demanding working environments. All-in-One is a chair with two heads: it is available in two design variants – Highline and Trend – to fit in with various different visual concepts.

  • NEON

    New generation workplace chairs Neon is the flagship for modern industry. No other chair for use in manufacturing can boast such ergonomic features, such design or such comfort. Neon is based on findings from the Fraunhofer Institute’s Arbeitswelt 2015 plus research. So Neon is the new generation workplace chair for the new generation of work. Simple production jobs are increasingly being replaced by more complicated tasks. Similarly, office and manufacturing workplaces are merging closer and closer together, and demands on the workplace are increasing. Neon combines ergonomic and functional characteristics that have until now been unknown in production environments with optimum industrial characteristics. Its innovative 1+1 system of chair and upholstery combination provides flexibility and sustainability, and ensures that it is perfectly adapted to the particular area of work. Both operating Neon and sitting on it are highly comfortable experiences. Neon was designed by Phoenix Design, arguably the best design studio in Germany. Neon consists of two elements: the chair element with base and mechanism and the upholstery element. This offers many advantages: • Sustainability: when you need new upholstery, you do not need to dispose of the whole chair. You just change the upholstery with a single click. • Flexibility: if Neon is to be used in another work area, it is only the upholstery element that needs to be changed. • Economy: make a one-off investment in a chair, and then only replace upholstery when necessary. The decision to go for a Neon is a long-term investment. • Individuality: upholstery determines use: changing upholstery surfaces to suit changing uses. • Speed of delivery: The modular construction means that not every chair has to be individually finished after an order is received. This leads to extremely short delivery times. • Changeable upholstery: different employees in the same workplace – for instance on multiple shift work – can use different upholstery.


    The practical solution for everyday use There are no airs and graces with Isitec whether faced with swarf, oil or shavings, Isitec will show you what a good industrial chair is capable of. The hard-wearing SoftTouch integral foam provides amazing softness and is a pleasure to sit on. Furthermore, Isitec is easy to clean, and is resistant to disinfectants. SoftTouch integral foam SoftTouch integral foam, which is still fresh from the drawing board, provides the ultimate in softness, and is washable and resistant to external influences. Easily adjustable Isitec has all the essential qualities of a good workplace chair. All the adjustment functions allow for quick and easy operation via levers while the user is sitting down. The fact that the functions are labelled makes finding the right lever child’s play. The continuously variable tilt adjustment function, which can be used to tilt the seat forwards by up to 8° ensures a minimum seat angle of 90° even when leaning forward into the work.


    A new industrial chair with a particular anatomical support. Very handy and robust. It fits into all modern industrial environments which, with the new technologies and workplace settings, entail specific requirements for the characteristics of work chairs. Thanks to its exclusive shape and ergonomics, conceived for the industry and thanks to the simple and intuitive adjustment, customizable for the single user in the presence of frequent shift changes, the Nexxit line allows to automatically obtain an optimal sitting position. The new NEXXIT line stands out for its high comfort and exceptional resistance, all the materials and its components have been optimized for use in industrial environments, even the heaviest.


    The tried and tested solution for custom seating Many of our industrial customers swear by Sintec, because it provides users with maximum flexibility and is completely user-friendly. Its superb ergonomic design and individual functions coupled with the wide selection of mechanisms make it the ideal chair for any workplace scenario. Sintec’s replaceable upholstery elements provide maximum flexibility. It is the combination of all these factors that makes Sintec our bestseller. It was precisely with this high standard of economics and functionality in mind that Sintec was developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute (IAO). The experts were so impressed by the results that they decided to award Sintec the Baden-Württemberg prize for innovation. Easily replaceable seat and backrest upholstery Various seat and backrest upholstery options are available for Sintec, enabling chairs to be perfectly adapted for any working environment. Changing the upholstery couldn’t be easier thanks to the quick and convenient hook-on concept. But this does not mean that comfort is left to fall by the wayside: The upholstery provides a real feeling of luxury. Anatomically designed backrest The high backrest takes the strain off your spine and muscles. This is achieved by means of its special shape: wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. In this way the backrest provides optimum support for your lumbar region whilst allowing your arms and upper body the space and freedom they need higher up in order to move around. The ergonomic design of the seat increases performance The anatomically designed seat automatically encourages you to sit correctly. It supports your bottom even when tilted, encourages precise motor function and ensures constant contact with the backrest. The distinctive pelvis support helps keep your pelvis upright and preserves the natural S-shape of your spine. These measures prevent tiredness and improve concentration and performance.


    Industrious assistants With their extra-large 40 cm diameter seats, these hard-wearing stools provide optimum support in industrial and workshop applications. The sturdy steel 5 star base and upholstery edge protector that runs all the way round guarantee a long lifespan. The practical pneumatic spring system with easy ring control allows for comfortable seat height adjustment.


    The low-cost solution for solid performance Unitec is our low-cost entry model for healthy sitting in a production context. The contact backrest, which is supplied as standard, provides support when working sitting down. The generously proportioned seat and backrest provide additional support. There is a choice of various coverings to ensure that Unitec will fit in visually with practically any working environment. Consequently, Unitec is a good solid chair for almost any application.

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