Relief from stress and strain for people who cannot sit down to work. Almost every other member of the working population has to stand up to work for long periods of time. But standing up for prolonged periods subjects the human body to significant stress, and is responsible for a number of complaints relating to the heart and the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. There are some classic scenarios for standing work – when people have to change location often, or have to move around a lot, or have to communicate eye-to-eye with other people. A good standing rest needs to support a person doing these jobs, without getting in the way of the work itself. A standing rest must be space-saving, easy to transport from one place to another, and provide plenty of room for moving around and reaching things. At the same time, it must – the same as any seating solution – adapt to different body sizes, and support a person’s posture, without forcing them into a particular position. Our solutions for standing work give you the perfect support for any activity that cannot be undertaken while sitting down. Our standing rests range from simple supports for short-term stress-relief up to flexible standing rests that allow you to stand for prolonged periods without any signs of fatigue.



  • FIN

    The revolution in standing work Fin is a fascinating new solution for practically every kind of standing work. It provides a completely new kind of sitting experience. Fin is incomparable, like no other standing rest on the market. It combines all the requirements demanded by work in industry, research, retail and office into an awardwinning design. So Fin redefines standing work in a completely new way. Fin … … relieves stress, and is wonderfully comfortable, … is completely intuitive to use and operate, … is robust and easy to clean, … is secure, and feels safe, … is space-saving, light and easy to move around. Fin was designed by one of the best design studios in Germany – Phoenix Design – and has received a Red Dot Award from the Design Centre in Nordrhein-Westfalen. So Fin also sets new aesthetic standards.

  • FLEX
    The best support for sitting, standing and combined workplaces Flex is a real all-rounder. It is the practical solution for workplaces where people have to sit as well as stand. To cope with this, Flex has a particularly wide range of heights that can be adjusted steplessly. Its ergonomic backrest and non-slip wave seat surface ensure that you feel completely safe and comfortable when you sit on the Flex. Comfort and resilience co-exist very happily in a Flex. Flex is at home in harsh working environments too. It is solidly built, and is extremely tough. Yet its upholstery is soft and boasts excellent ventilation, thanks to its wavy surface design. Flex is the practical solution when you need something light and uncomplicated.
    Support for your everyday work Anyone who has to stand up for extended and monotonous periods of time needs support, since standing up motionless for a long time puts the body under a great deal of stress and strain. Our classic standing rests support the body and relieve the strain from the spinal column. The many different variations of base ensure that there is a version suitable for just about every use. Our industrial standing rests are extremely robust, and can stand up to even the toughest treatment. The industrial standing rest 2 is also available in an ESD version.
    The standing rest for laboratory and more Just like the Labster itself, the Labster standing rest was designed especially for use in the laboratory. A significant proportion of work in a lab is carried out standing and at various different stations. Work in a laboratory always requires high concentration and fine motor skills. The Labster standing rest is perfect for use in the laboratory: it is space-saving, designed without seams, has an enclosed mechanism, is easy to clean, and resistant to solvents and disinfectants. Its innovative rocker base makes for a dynamic standing-sitting experience, extending the radius of movement, and ensuring that the spine is always straight. So the Labster standing rest is perfect for taking away the strain of standing work in the laboratory, cleanroom, and workplaces with ESD requirements: and it conforms with air cleanliness class 3 in accordance with EN ISO 14644-1.
    Industrious assistants With their extra-large 40 cm diameter seats, these hard-wearing stools provide optimum support in industrial and workshop applications. The sturdy steel 5 star base and upholstery edge protector that runs all the way round guarantee a long lifespan. The practical pneumatic spring system with easy ring control allows for comfortable seat height adjustment.

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