The practical solution for everyday use There are no airs and graces with Isitec whether faced with swarf, oil or shavings, Isitec will show you what a good industrial chair is capable of. The hard-wearing SoftTouch integral foam provides amazing softness and is a pleasure to sit on. Furthermore, Isitec is easy to clean, and is resistant to disinfectants. SoftTouch integral foam SoftTouch integral foam, which is still fresh from the drawing board, provides the ultimate in softness, and is washable and resistant to external influences. Easily adjustable Isitec has all the essential qualities of a good workplace chair. All the adjustment functions allow for quick and easy operation via levers while the user is sitting down. The fact that the functions are labelled makes finding the right lever child’s play. The continuously variable tilt adjustment function, which can be used to tilt the seat forwards by up to 8° ensures a minimum seat angle of 90° even when leaning forward into the work.

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