The high-comfort solution for solid cleanroom performance Our Cleanroom Plus chairs are the flagship of our cleanroom seating solutions. They offer excellent cleanroom properties and are equipped with a perfect electrostatic discharge system. Furthermore, these chairs cannot fail to impress with their superb ergonomic design and luxurious level of comfort. Consequently, Cleanroom Plus not only meets the technical requirements but also measures up to the expectations of those who work in cleanrooms every day. Fraunhofer confirms the chairs‘ suitability for cleanrooms The Fraunhofer IPA seal of approval certifies that Cleanroom Plus chairs are suitable for use in cleanrooms in compliance with the following standards: • Air cleanliness classification 3 pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 • Air cleanliness classification 1 pursuant to US Fed. St. 209 E • Provisions of the EU GMP guidelines • Electrostatic discharge measures pursuant to EN 61340-5-1 The smooth, sealed surfaces of the seat and backrest shells prevent swirl even when there is a constant flow of air through the filter system and stop the build-up of particles on the chair. The synthetic leather, upholstery and upholstery support are permanently bonded using special foam technology to ensure that no particles can be emitted. The sealed design of the seat and backrest cover means that all the moving parts of the chair’s mechanical system are enclosed so that particles cannot escape. All bimos cleanroom chairs feature electrostatic discharge measures in accordance with EN 61340-5-1 and offer reliable antistatic protection. The chairs are supplied with a brilliantly polished and abrasion-resistant aluminium 5 star base. The seat support and backrest cover are both made from sheet steel, making them sturdy and durable.

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