The tried and tested solution for custom seating Many of our industrial customers swear by Sintec, because it provides users with maximum flexibility and is completely user-friendly. Its superb ergonomic design and individual functions coupled with the wide selection of mechanisms make it the ideal chair for any workplace scenario. Sintec’s replaceable upholstery elements provide maximum flexibility. It is the combination of all these factors that makes Sintec our bestseller. It was precisely with this high standard of economics and functionality in mind that Sintec was developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute (IAO). The experts were so impressed by the results that they decided to award Sintec the Baden-Württemberg prize for innovation. Easily replaceable seat and backrest upholstery Various seat and backrest upholstery options are available for Sintec, enabling chairs to be perfectly adapted for any working environment. Changing the upholstery couldn’t be easier thanks to the quick and convenient hook-on concept. But this does not mean that comfort is left to fall by the wayside: The upholstery provides a real feeling of luxury. Anatomically designed backrest The high backrest takes the strain off your spine and muscles. This is achieved by means of its special shape: wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. In this way the backrest provides optimum support for your lumbar region whilst allowing your arms and upper body the space and freedom they need higher up in order to move around. The ergonomic design of the seat increases performance The anatomically designed seat automatically encourages you to sit correctly. It supports your bottom even when tilted, encourages precise motor function and ensures constant contact with the backrest. The distinctive pelvis support helps keep your pelvis upright and preserves the natural S-shape of your spine. These measures prevent tiredness and improve concentration and performance.

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