The world’s first real laboratory chair Labster is the world’s first real laboratory chair. Unlike the usual laboratory adaptations of office or workshop chairs, Labster has been specially designed for the requirements of a laboratory. Labster has no sharp edges, thanks to its unique, seamless design concept, where even the mechanism is hidden under the soft, washable cover. There are no nooks and crannies where The factors that make Labster the world’s first pure laboratory chair microorganisms can lurk. All the surfaces can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. In terms of ergonomics, Labster leaves nothing to be desired. For instance, the newly developed auto-motion technology ensures that the angle between the back and the thighs is always correct, no matter what type of work is being performed. This is not so surprising when you consider that Labster was designed on the basis of results of the Fraunhofer laboratory user study Lab 2020. So Labster sets new standards – it is even suitable for use in cleanroom conditions.

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