Reliable electrostatic discharge protection for electronic workstations.

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) refers to the electrostatic discharge of charged objects or people. Electrostatic discharge can result in damage to microelectronics components. This is because of the minute scale involved which means that the energy from a static discharge has the same impact on a semiconductor as a lightning strike would on a tree. ESD chairs play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring reliable ESD protective measures for electronic workstations. ESD protection is regulated by European standard EN 61340, which is designed to help users select appropriate protective measures. It stipulates the following in respect of workplace chairs: “The resistance to the point of contact with the floor of any parts of the seat that could come into contact with the user’s body during standard use must be <1010 Ω.” (Extract from standard EN 61340-5-1) Consistently exceeding the standard bimos ESD chairs meet the requirements of standard EN 61340-5-1 as far as their use in EPAs (ESD Protected Areas) is concerned. However, the demands that actually apply in practice are often more stringent even than this. This is because the increasing miniaturisation of electronics components is making them more susceptible to the problem of electrostatic discharge. The most effective way of dealing with this issue is either to prevent charges from occurring in the first place or to ensure that any undesirable charges are safely discharged. Thanks to the optimum choice of materials and connection technology used, bimos chairs reliably prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. In addition, the chairs are designed to direct any charges that the user may be carrying safely down to the conductive base as soon as he or she sits down. Thus, bimos ESD chairs offer a fully integrated system of protection.
Chairs for production and assistance of sensitive electronic products and devices

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