Reliable electrostatic discharge protection for electronic workstations.

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) refers to the electrostatic discharge of charged objects or people. Electrostatic discharge can result in damage to microelectronics components. This is because of the minute scale involved which means that the energy from a static discharge has the same impact on a semiconductor as a lightning strike would on a tree. ESD chairs play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring reliable ESD protective measures for electronic workstations. ESD protection is regulated by European standard EN 61340, which is designed to help users select appropriate protective measures. It stipulates the following in respect of workplace chairs: “The resistance to the point of contact with the floor of any parts of the seat that could come into contact with the user’s body during standard use must be <1010 Ω.” (Extract from standard EN 61340-5-1) Consistently exceeding the standard bimos ESD chairs meet the requirements of standard EN 61340-5-1 as far as their use in EPAs (ESD Protected Areas) is concerned. However, the demands that actually apply in practice are often more stringent even than this. This is because the increasing miniaturisation of electronics components is making them more susceptible to the problem of electrostatic discharge. The most effective way of dealing with this issue is either to prevent charges from occurring in the first place or to ensure that any undesirable charges are safely discharged. Thanks to the optimum choice of materials and connection technology used, bimos chairs reliably prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. In addition, the chairs are designed to direct any charges that the user may be carrying safely down to the conductive base as soon as he or she sits down. Thus, bimos ESD chairs offer a fully integrated system of protection.
Chairs for production and assistance of sensitive electronic products and devices



    The favorite chair of the electronics industry.

    Thanks to its solid and robust structure, UNITEC ESD is the basic solution at low cost, for every ESD antistatic workstation.

    It has all the standard safety requirements to fully comply with the EN61350-5-1 standard and avoid electrostatic charges.

    It has a permanent contact backrest and allows easy lumbar adjustment even while seated.

    UNITEC ESD is the ideal chair for all workstations that alternate standing and sitting.

    It offers a large and comfortable seating surface and an adjustable backrest.


    LABSIT - SIMPLE and INTELLIGENT also in ESD version

    Valid solutions are always characterized by intelligence and simplicity.

    What matters most for innovations has no less value for the seat on which these innovations are based.

    Labsit is the new seat for any type of laboratory, even those where it is necessary to comply with the ESD EN61340-5-1 standard.

    The intelligent flex function applied to both the backrest and the seat offers comfort and ergonomics with very few adjustment activities.

    Labsit has proven to have all the features necessary for laboratory activities and is at the same time usable in a simple and universal way and is unbeatable in terms of price / performance ratio.

    Thus Labsit is the versatile laboratory specialist, Labsit fascinates with its simplicity.


    A comfortable and modern chair for anatomical body support.

    Thanks to the modern shape of the backrest and the practical handles, it allows handling and sturdiness without compromise.

    Modern industrial environments require and entail specific requirements for the characteristics of work chairs in order to allow easy mobility and stability of the operators' body.

    Thanks to the exclusive ergonomics and a simple and customizable adjustment for each individual user, the NEXXIT line is an optimal seat for all work environments.

    This line stands out for its high comfort and exceptional robustness, it finds its maximum possibility of use in industrial environments also subject to frequent shift changes.


    When you are looking for maximum comfort and reliability for ESD workstations.

    Whenever anti-static work chairs with high ergonomic requirements combined with maximum comfort are needed, the NEON ESD series is the ideal solution.

    Like all Bimos ESD chairs and stools, NEON fully complies with the EN61340-5-1 standards.

    The combination of its design and careful planning mean that the NEON ESD can meet the highest requirements and expectations in terms of comfort, ergonomics, strength and durability.


    LABSTER is the first true laboratory chair in the world!

    Unlike the usual adaptations of office or workshop chairs for laboratory use, the Labster chair was created for use in pharmaceutical, medical, hospital, analysis laboratories, etc.

    It has been specially designed on the basis of the needs and methods of use of a modern laboratory.

    Labster ESD has no sharp edges, thanks to its seamless design concept, where the mechanism is also hidden under a soft, washable and disinfectable cover.

    There are no corners and crevices where dust or microorganisms can infiltrate, these are the factors that make the Labster the first and only on the market.

    All surfaces of the ESD LABSTER can be cleaned and disinfected very quickly and completely.

    In terms of ergonomics, the Labster leaves nothing to be desired.

    For example, the newly developed self - motion technology ensures that the angle between the back and thighs is always correct, regardless of the type of work being performed.

    The Labster ESD was designed based on the results of the laboratory user study carried out by Fraunhofer 2020

    Thus Labster sets new quality standards for its sector. LABSTER is also suitable for use in clean rooms.


    ESD stools for assistants

    Our stools offer extra-large seats with a diameter of 40cm, these stools provide optimal support in industrial and laboratory applications.

    The sturdy 5-point steel base and the edge protectors running all around ensure a long lifespan of the stool.

    The practical pneumatic spring system with ring control placed under the seat allows easy and comfortable seat height adjustment.


    The chair par excellence, tried and tested for use in Class III clean rooms

    An ergonomic design, excellent use properties in clean rooms and reliable ESD values ​​are the essential things to ask of a chair for the workplace and in particular in clean rooms.

    It meets all the stringent criteria required for cleanrooms in Class III and offers a high level of quality in the process.

    The fact that chairs have to pass a long series of tests before receiving the certificate means that our quality claims are not just words.

    Fraunhofer certifies and confirms the suitability of our chairs for clean rooms

    The seal placed by Fraunhofer IPA for approval certifies that the BASIC Clean Room chairs are suitable for use in clean rooms in accordance with the following standards:

    • Air 3 cleaning classification according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1

    • Air cleanliness classification 1 under United States Federation. St. 209 E

    • The provisions of the EU GMP guidelines

    • measurements of electrostatic discharges standard EN 61340-5-1

    The smooth and sealed surfaces of the seat and back prevent swirling particles even when there is a constant flow of air through the filter system and the shell helps stop the accumulation of particles on the chair.

    The synthetic leather, used for upholstery and backing, are permanently bonded using a special foam technology to ensure that no contaminating particles can be released and emitted.

    All BiMOS chairs for clean rooms are equipped with measures to discharge electrostatic charges according to ESD EN 61340-5-1 and offer reliable antistatic protection over time.

    The chairs can be supplied with a 5-star aluminum base with a high-gloss, abrasion-resistant finish.

    The backrest support shell of the chairs is made of plastic.

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