A little bit of statistic

During our working life, we remain at our workplace on average around 80,000 hours.

Incorrect posture in the workplace leads to damaging the health of the operator.

The incorrect posture, using a simple chair, such as the one shown in the picture below, for a long time in the workplace is widespread, and can lead to headaches, muscle tension, back pain, back pain, vascular disorders or cramps legs.

The diseases attributable to a wrong posture in the workplace, cover about 32% of the reasons related to absences from work due to illness.

It has therefore become essential, for the health of the worker, to reduce the related stress, by providing operators adequate and ergonomic seating.

This simple and inexpensive arrangement will allow the operator to remain in good health, while increasing productivity and reducing the pause or work interruption minutes.

Whatever your business, electronic laboratory, medical laboratory, dental laboratory, dental laboratory, chemical laboratory, biological laboratory, research laboratory, mechanical workshop, turning shop, automotive industry, cleanroom, pharmaceutical industry, control room, control tower, point of sale, bar or who knows what else, here you can surely find the chair or stool that best suits your business.