The chair par excellence, tried and tested for use in Class III clean rooms

An ergonomic design, excellent use properties in clean rooms and reliable ESD values ​​are the essential things to ask of a chair for the workplace and in particular in clean rooms.

It meets all the stringent criteria required for cleanrooms in Class III and offers a high level of quality in the process.

The fact that chairs have to pass a long series of tests before receiving the certificate means that our quality claims are not just words.

Fraunhofer certifies and confirms the suitability of our chairs for clean rooms

The seal placed by Fraunhofer IPA for approval certifies that the BASIC Clean Room chairs are suitable for use in clean rooms in accordance with the following standards:

• Air 3 cleaning classification according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1

• Air cleanliness classification 1 under United States Federation. St. 209 E

• The provisions of the EU GMP guidelines

• measurements of electrostatic discharges standard EN 61340-5-1

The smooth and sealed surfaces of the seat and back prevent swirling particles even when there is a constant flow of air through the filter system and the shell helps stop the accumulation of particles on the chair.

The synthetic leather, used for upholstery and backing, are permanently bonded using a special foam technology to ensure that no contaminating particles can be released and emitted.

All BiMOS chairs for clean rooms are equipped with measures to discharge electrostatic charges according to ESD EN 61340-5-1 and offer reliable antistatic protection over time.

The chairs can be supplied with a 5-star aluminum base with a high-gloss, abrasion-resistant finish.

The backrest support shell of the chairs is made of plastic.

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