New generation workplace chairs Neon is the flagship for modern industry. No other chair for use in manufacturing can boast such ergonomic features, such design or such comfort. Neon is based on findings from the Fraunhofer Institute’s Arbeitswelt 2015 plus research. So Neon is the new generation workplace chair for the new generation of work. Simple production jobs are increasingly being replaced by more complicated tasks. Similarly, office and manufacturing workplaces are merging closer and closer together, and demands on the workplace are increasing. Neon combines ergonomic and functional characteristics that have until now been unknown in production environments with optimum industrial characteristics. Its innovative 1+1 system of chair and upholstery combination provides flexibility and sustainability, and ensures that it is perfectly adapted to the particular area of work. Both operating Neon and sitting on it are highly comfortable experiences. Neon was designed by Phoenix Design, arguably the best design studio in Germany. Neon consists of two elements: the chair element with base and mechanism and the upholstery element. This offers many advantages: • Sustainability: when you need new upholstery, you do not need to dispose of the whole chair. You just change the upholstery with a single click. • Flexibility: if Neon is to be used in another work area, it is only the upholstery element that needs to be changed. • Economy: make a one-off investment in a chair, and then only replace upholstery when necessary. The decision to go for a Neon is a long-term investment. • Individuality: upholstery determines use: changing upholstery surfaces to suit changing uses. • Speed of delivery: The modular construction means that not every chair has to be individually finished after an order is received. This leads to extremely short delivery times. • Changeable upholstery: different employees in the same workplace – for instance on multiple shift work – can use different upholstery.

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