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Indispensable – Certified top-of-the-range seating for use in cleanrooms In order to create “clean” or “sterile” rooms, measures have to be implemented to prevent products and processes from becoming contaminated. This is a key requirement of the microelectronics sector, the pharmaceuticals industry, microsystem production, optics, medical engineering and healthcare. That is why bimos has worked together with industry and research specialists to develop its innovative range of cleanroom chairs for use in extreme conditions. We put our claims regarding the quality of these chairs to the test on a daily basis by subjecting them to a comprehensive series of tests that prove the low level of particle emissions and the reliability of the electrostatic discharge measures used. This quality is also borne out by empirical evidence arising from day-to-day use. bimos cleanroom chairs boast astounding properties and meet the requirements of air cleanliness classification 3 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1, cleanroom classification 1 as defined by US Federal Standard 209E and the specifications of the EU GMP guidelines. It is the sophisticated design coupled with the perfect implementation of that design that make bimos cleanroom chairs top of their game. bimos ensures the following in respect of all its cleanroom chairs:

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Chairs for CLEAN ROOM to class 3

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