New generation workchairs Neon is probably the best workplace chair for ESD areas. Like all bimos ESD chairs, it far exceeds the requirements of the ESD standard EN 61340-5-1. In addition to its outstanding key technical features, the ESD Neon has one characteristic that until now has not been found in the ESD working environment a focus on the human being. As the most ergonomic and most comfortable ESD chair available, Neon forms a bridge between uncompromising technical demands and enjoyment in sitting. The workplace is an indicator of the value a company places on its employees. A chair that focuses on the needs of people helps to orientate and motivate, it raises the quality and productivity of work. ESD workplaces are always to be found in high-tech companies. This contemporary aspect is also reflected in Neon’s design. For the first time with the ESD Neon, a chair is at last available that is really in tune with the work that is carried out on it. ESD Neon is the new generation workplace chair for the new generation of work.

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